The CEINCE carries out diverse activities which develop the three areas in which its fiend of intervention is structured:

  1. In the area, Record of the School and Educational Heritage, the CEINCE promotes colloquia on historical ethnography of the school, field research, heritage recovery and diffusion programmes and educational museum projects.
  2. In the area of manualistics, the CEINCE offers its catalogue of manuals through the Documentary Service, attends researchers’ consultations, finances stays in the Centre, maintains the Forum on the School Book in the Knowledge Society, organises national and international meetings on the subject and maintains collaboration relationships with the Manes Project and the European Multiopac Programme, among others.
  3. In the area Culture of the School and the Knowledge Society, the CEINCE promotes activities which study the relationships between education and the great challenges of out time: the digital revolution, multiculturism and diversity, gender relations and sustainability.

Papeles del CEINCE

C/ Real, 35
42360 Berlanga de Duero, Soria

975 343 123

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